Medium Ornate Dove Cage on Stand

Medium Ornate Dove Cage on Stand

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Medium Ornate Dove Cage on Stand


They look so elegant on the removable folding stand; they will truly come to life with the flowers of your choice. You can keep these in the garden conservatory or home. Cages hung or stood on the wedding reception gift table provide an eye-catching and attractive way to collect cards and monetary gifts. They can be dressed up with ribbons, petals flowers, ivy or fairy lights. Lids lift off for easy retrieval of contents these ornamental Dove cage hanging baskets are a timeless classic.


Quality wrought iron construction to enhance the aged look they are finished in a very *distressed white. The top opens for you to Decorate or plant with your flowers etc.


Dove Cage Height: 53cm

Diameter: 30cm

Overall height: 110cm


*purposely blemished or marred so as to give an antique appearance

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