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Old Style Standard Cast iron Lamp Post Light (8ft 11inches)
Old Style Standard Cast iron Lamp Post  Light (8ft 11inches)

Old Style Standard Cast iron Lamp Post Light (8ft 11inches)

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Old Style Cast Iron Lamp Post Lantern Overall Height 8ft 11inches  
Top of the range large lantern.
Manufactured traditionally in sand cast aluminium, making them very thick and very strong. To add character to these lanterns, when they come out of the mould, we do not shot blast them, which means they are left with a grainy finish to help age their look.
Medium lamp post Cast iron is constructed with an industrial steel 60mm centre tube, which gives the added advantage of us cutting and making the lamp post to your height specification if required.
This also has the bonus of being able to flex in high winds like modern day commercial lighting.
Simple to install.
This lamp post is primed and then powder coated black to give a strong durable finish.
The standard height of the lamp post only is 1960mm.
Overall Height: 2720mm (8ft 11inch)
Lantern Width: 305m (12inches)
Lantern Height 765mm (2ft 6inches)
Lanterns wired to British Standard
IP rated 44
CE tested
To make it easy to install, the base of the lamp post has a square plate cast into it so you can bolt it directly to the ground (bolts not included).
Strong Durable Finish
Our range of lamps have been produced to suit drives, gardens and many commercial lighting applications, and will enhance any area as well as add light for additional security.
Hand Crafted in the UK
Our historically accurate product has led to us being involved with numerous restoration projects, working closely with architects, conservators and building companies.
Free of Charge Delivery to most parts of the UK; although some postcodes may incur a surcharge.

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