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Colour palette: which colour is for you?

Dashing reds, vibrant greens, regal golds, bronzes and silvers... with so many gorgeous colours to choose from, how do you know which ones are right for you and your property?

Lighting isn’t all about the function: the look plays a big part, too. And as part and parcel of that ‘look’, colour is a huge factor.

Traditionalist or modernist, creative or simplistic… whatever your style, there’ll be a palette for you. Here’s some of our favourite combinations to get those cogs whirring!

If you’re a modernist who loves colour, we’ve got some brilliantly bright, bold shades - in really unique, up-and-coming designs.  

Cream and dark walls, of more modern buildings, are greatly elevated by colourful, dramatic additions - which is why we we recommend wall or porch lights in hues of red, yellow, blue and green, contrasting with and complementing your muted shades.

Yellow and green, in particular, go gorgeously with brick walls and brown tones, whereas red and blue match blacks and whites with stunning effect (though a red light against a dark brown backdrop is also very visually appealing!)

Our wall mounted Stratos light blends gorgeously with a dark wood wall.

A red, bold lamp hanging from the ceiling of a room or porch with muted walls also sets off a dramatic, eye-catching effect.

This same rule works vice versa, too: bright walls calling for more muted-coloured lamps, to create that same, contrasting effect.

Bright teal against muted gold creates the perfect seaside feel - a match made in heaven!

But don’t shy away from bright-on-bright, if you feel that’s what’s calling to you.

If you love a brighter spectrum, some of our bolder lights and lamps could really work in your favour, too.

Some bold colours go amazingly together: such as the killer combination, red and green (yes, they’re a thing outside of Christmas, too!).

Maximise your house’s existing, colourful assets with colourful lights to get those colours bouncing off each other - for instance, install red pedestal lights along your garden path, to attractively contrast with and complement the green grass growing beside it.

Modern Pedestal Light in red, making quite a statement against your turf!

The same idea applies to yellow and green - yellow looks gorgeous against the garden grass, or, in the case of wall-mounted lights, a leafy backdrop - nature and design, beautifully combined.

Liking the vibe but not sure whether  your ideal palette will work? Pop into our showroom if you want more colour combination advice!

Classicists and antique lovers, there’s something for you, too.

For those of you who are more traditionalist as opposed to contemporary, we recommend you go with your bronze, silver, black, white and gold lights - basically, all the colours that scream class.

There’s really no rules when it comes to this palette - particularly if you’re going for blacks and whites, which go with everything.

However, if you really wanted to max up that contrast factor then the rule is simple - black against white (so black lights against white walls, for instance, or vice versa). Black on black or white on white would blend the room together and it would look fine, but it wouldn’t make as obvious a statement!

Bronze, silver and gold also work with pretty much everything - but we recommend that, if you’re going for a traditional look, you pitch them against muted tones like brick, stone, black or white.

Our Louis Philippe Wall Light.

Of course, if you are going for standalone lights - like pedestal lights or lampposts - then contrast doesn’t matter! These colours make that gorgeous classic impact all on their own, against all of nature’s elements. Stunning, don’t you think?