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Exterior lighting for your stately London home


With less space and less diverse surroundings to work with, choosing exterior lighting for your courtly London property might appear a daunting task.

However, there are tactics you can employ to help you achieve your effulgent exterior: by following these simple rules, effective lighting can be easily and successfully achieved.


  1. For a fluid approach, choose hanging lights

Hanging lights are very versatile as they have the unique ability to be positioned almost anywhere, granting you the ability to create a whole spectrum of atmospheres: when dangled from trees they look sophisticated and mysterious, from your porch they are illuminating and singular, and from your doorway they are welcoming, as examples - all casting different effects and impressions.

Something like… this Solid Brass Wall Lantern, Kensington or this Louis XIII Porch Pendant Lantern would look lovely installed on or around an urban habitat.


  1. Complement your home’s architecture with wall mounted lights

Wall mounted lights are a space-effective and often satisfyingly dramatic addition to an exterior, employed at their best when working with the features of your building, as opposed to working as standalone products.

Ensure they complement your walls by having them follow the curve of your architecture - for instance, if your walls are made of jagged stone, you may want to install a wall mounted light which casts light upwards, creating dramatic silhouettes.

Alternately, for a ‘heightening’ effect, install your wall mounted lights high up on your exterior’s walls, or, better still, around your balcony, if you have one - an illusion that makes your building look taller and grander.

Something like… this Three Light Medium Wall Light Baton Rouge or Chelsea Half Lantern Small Copper perfectly complement the inner city dweller, depending on whether you’re more of a traditionalist or modernist.


  1. Be easy on the eye with frosted or coloured lanterns

For a less ‘harsh’ lighting option, consider using frosted or coloured lanterns - they’re less severe, the former casting lovely, mottled patterns on the floor and the second bestowing your home with a unique hue.

Something like... this Outside Porch Wall Light With PIR Motion Sensor, Norfolk or Flush Back Porch Wall Lantern Leaded Panels, Wexford are enchanting choices for that ‘stained glass’ effect and rare shadow.


  1. Classic and timeless - stick to warm light

For a stately and ornate effect, you can’t beat warm lighting. Choose a creamy glow for that opulent, classy and welcoming feel - a traditional look that is difficult to contest.

Something like... this Three Light Large Wall Lantern, Montreal or Flat Back Half Wall Lantern, French, PV1 Evolution model help foster that warm radiance.


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