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Lighting for the festive season and beyond


Nothing looks prettier at Christmas than warm, glowing lighting.


Yes, we may be biased - but surely you don’t disagree? The flickering hue of fairy lights. The orange hum of a fireplace. Dimly lit lanterns against your doorway, illuminating the softly falling snow.


Isn’t it all just charming?


December’s drawing on and it’s getting ever darker. Soon, we’re sure, you’ll be blowing the dust off your own ‘CHRISTMAS’ labelled boxes, stacked to the brim with a wide selection of seasonal lights. Ah, time to add that glowing frame to your windows, that extra sparkle to the tree. It’s gingerbread-scented candles in the lounge; everything feeling so lovely, and so warm - magical, even. You don’t want it to end.


But have you considered that, maybe, it doesn’t have to?

Christmas is a singular time of year - there’s no arguing that.

But where Christmas decorations have to come down, lighting doesn’t have to have an expiry date: not when you have a more permanent installation, at any rate. Lovely lighting endures all year round, and enchants without effort: with or without Christmas spirit.

For instance, Victorian lampposts, particularly this cast iron lamppost with a copper lantern, or this period old-style lamppost with a copper lantern, both inspire images of a whimsical, snowflake-ridden Mr. Tumnus in a wintery Narnia and a hobnobbing Oliver Twist, making his way through Dickensian London in the summertime.



Small, pedestal lamps are a real treat during darker seasons, too, providing a low lit glow ideal for Santa’s little elves. Yet they also paint a lovely picture in spring, making for a particularly gorgeous accompaniment to a bed of flowers.

Of course, nothing looks more welcoming than a pair of rich, ornate lights cradling your door. 

 simply breathes agelessness and warmth, all-the-while casually sporting one of Christmas’ token, royal colours, a sly nod to the festive season.



You could get your lights made with celebratory colours too, such as gold or burgundy - predominantly reflecting the Christmas spirit during December while exuding opulence and timelessness throughout the other seasons. If anything, deep, rich colours endure, and will look glorious whatever the weather.


It can’t be Christmas everyday - but you can make your home feel magical everyday.

It just takes a little illumination.