Garden Antiquities Ltd

Mastering the art of first impressions and other reasons why your home’s exterior counts


We believe that a friendly exterior is just as important as a friendly interior.

Where’s the sense in pouring so much time and effort into your home, only to neglect your garden? A garden that’s used all year round, no less: for walking through the flowers in spring, hosting barbecues in summer, toasting marshmallows over a bonfire in autumn and playing with your kids in the snow in winter.


Don’t overlook it. After all…

First impressions count: and when it comes to homes, the first impression you get to give comes from your exterior space.

People make snap judgements, and to new guests, the exterior of your home will be the first thing they notice.

So make sure you’ve got your desired first impression under your thumb with the right exterior arrangements - are your flowerbeds arranged nicely, and blooming? Is your decking clean and tastefully decorated? Are your garden ornaments highlighted by glowing pedestal or globe lights?

Does your home exude the same warmth and comfort at night, as it does in day?  

Your first impression shouldn’t be limited to the morning and afternoon, but be in effect around the clock.



The right lighting can help you achieve that permanent, desired state - a lamppost here, a wall lantern there, lifting and complementing your garden design. Trees can be made me dramatic and atmospheric with low lighting throwing their silhouettes on the walls of your home. Your doorways can be made more welcoming and warm with lighting fixed above or around them, inviting your guests in. Yes, your outside space truly is a wonderland of potential first impressions,  with endless ways that you can create gorgeous and welcoming effects: whether it’s dawn or dusk.

Your garden doesn’t deserve to lack atmosphere.

Every garden has huge potential to become a stage for your character: showcasing your tastes and personal style. In our opinion, it would be a disservice to pour all your efforts into your home’s interior, neglecting your natural, precious garden space completely.

Highlight its best features with a mix of ornaments, flowers and vegetables, shrubbery, furnishings and lighting to get the absolute best out of it, and put your stamp on it. It’s your critical, natural space: don’t waste it.

After all, it’s an extension of your home.

Just because it’s not surrounded by brick and mortar like your other rooms, your garden is as much a part of your home as your lounge is. So just like you wouldn’t leave your lounge walls in plaster or without sofas or chairs, don’t leave your garden without the necessary furnishings it needs - make it yours, and it’ll make a great difference. Trust us.