Garden Antiquities Ltd

Built In Post Boxes

We have a range of traditional style post boxes and letter boxes to enhance the appearance of your home and garden, whether you need a freestanding box, a wall mounted box or a built-in box for your gate. Our range is varied enough to have something to suit every taste, budget and garden, read more below to find the best letterbox for you.

Victorian Style Freestanding Post Boxes

Available in black, green or red, these freestanding letterboxes are designed in the style of Victorian letterboxes and will bring a touch of class to your home.

Wall Mounted Post Boxes

Where space is at a premium, these traditional styled letterboxes are the perfect solution. Mounted to the external wall of your home or your garden’s perimeter wall, these letterboxes add a real sense of style.

Built-in The Wall Post Boxes

Another space saving solution: these letterboxes can be fixed into walls to add a stylish finishing touch.

Gate & railing Mounted Post Boxes

These letterboxes are specially designed to fix into gates and railings and are made from quality steel. Also can be gate mounted post boxes or through the gate Post Box

We can also supply a standard economy letterbox, ideal for apartments, flats and houses. We have a range of slim line post boxes and newspaper holders.