Garden Antiquities Ltd

Garden Antiquities was founded in 1998 by Tom and Angela Gitsham, inspired by a love of beautiful gardens and timeless, charming exterior decoration.

Throughout their fledgling years as a company, they dabbled in restoring a myriad of quirky garden antiques for museums, private clients and film sets alike, occasionally exporting to America, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Some of these projects included reviving water features, sculptures and even horse-drawn ploughs to an operational and visually exquisite standard - a real range that proved to Tom and Angela their especial talent for the business, and ability to inspirit once forgotten objects.

Eventually, Garden Antiquities found their niche in lampposts and lighting, creating gorgeous, exclusive antiques of particular appeal to country residences, churches and manor houses. 17 years later, their business is still going strong, pioneered by the team’s unique eye for design and outstanding personal service.

Additionally, Garden Antiquities use British manufacturers - some of the best skilled craftsmen in the country - to keep hitting our high standards and produce quality work. The carefully selected people we collaborate with create a wide and stunning range of products including, but not limited to, exquisite Victorian Lighting, Antique Lighting and English Heritage. They are also renowned for restoring lights and lanterns to their former glory.

- Suppliers -

Sold in 45 countries and renowned as one of the best quality lighting manufacturers in the world, joined in 2002.

One of the largest suppliers of traditional lighting in the UK, joined the business in 2001.